Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Statement Necklaces - NEXT

I have been searching for the perfect statement necklaces for so long without success. I'm a bit too fussy you see. The majority of statement necklaces in the shops are gold and it's rare for me to wear gold jewellery; I much prefer silver!

In all the shops i've looked in, there has always been something not quite right: too big, too spiky or the wrong colour. I'd actually given up hunting for one but this morning, I ventured into NEXT.

Next isn't somewhere that I usually go into but I was surprised at how many nice things they have and there were definitely a few that I wanted!

I couldn't choose between the following two necklaces so treated myself to both! They were quite hard to photograph but i've linked the items so you can check out the stock photos on the NEXT website.

Mix Plate And Crystal Effect Statement Necklace £18

Other items I considered buying:

This grey jewelled clutch bag caught my eye and was £20.
I was really impressed with the selection of shoes that they have in NEXT. They had some gorgeous designs and they were really nice quality.

These berry suede slippers - caught my eye as I love this colour for autumn and I have been after a pair of flats in this shade. They do half sizes too which is good! They are £24.

These grey studded slippers were another pair that I really liked. They retail for £32.

I'll definitely have a look in NEXT when i'm shopping in future!


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